Unshackling the Chains of Fear Part II

Fred Phillips is an author and former martial arts instructor. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2008. He is my guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio to discuss his journey with this challenging health condition, his philosophy and approach to recovery, and his recovery protocol. Fred was originally a guest on Parkinsons Recovery Radio several years ago.

Fred blogs about his experience and can be found at fredphillips.wordpress.com. He lives on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada.


Here are the questions Fred answers.

1. For those who may not be familiar with your story could you provide an overview of your experience with Parkinson’s

2. What caused you to develop Parkinson’s?

3. What has happened since we last spoke?

4. Has your philosophy or approach changed

5. What has been your experience with medication?

6. What does your overall protocol and daily regimen look like?

7. What advice would you offer others experiencing Parkinson’s?

8. Have you published any new books since we last spoke?

Natural Therapies for Parkinsons: https://www.parkinsonsrecovery.org

NAC as Therapy for Parkinson’s

N-Acetylcysteine  (NAC) is relatively inexpensive supplement that supports that body’s natural ability to produce glutathione. Glutathione is one of the body’ most important and effective antioxidants.

Persons with Parkinson’s have significant oxidative stress which depletes levels of glutathione. This, in part, explains why they tend to have a significant deficiency of glutathione.

Research studies find that NAC has been effective as a therapy for injuries to the brain in general as well as a therapy for addressing symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Dozens of natural therapies are documented at my new online course  What Really Matters. Check out the scoop on the “Updates from Robert” member page link listed here – (usually down the right column or at the bottom of the page). .


Questions Addressed:

  • What symptoms does the supplement 5htp address?
  • Is CBD oil recommended as a therapy for neurological symptoms?
  • Is it safe to take if I am also taking Parkinson’s medications?
  • I have tightening in muscles in my arms and shoulders which  makes it difficult to breathe while walking. Has anyone had success  dealing with this problem?
  • I am taking mars venus superfood with minerals and detox lemonade. Has anyone  had success with this protocol?
  • Had anyone ever tried near infrared saunas with any success for Parkinson’s symptoms?
  • Please explain and compare the advantages of three therapies: Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy (BEMER), photobiomodulation (Vielight) and Biontology.
  • I have problems sticking with a program of recovery that is helping me feel better. Have you witnessed this type of cycle? Please provide insights in how to getting past this.
  • Why does Parkinson’s progress in many Parkinson’s patients? Is it psychological or is there an underling disease mechanism at play?

Robert Rodgers PhD

Eye Drops that Reverse Cataracts for 90% of Users

Balance issues and falls are not solely a question of muscular strength and coordination. Fall prevention depends on the functional integration of sight, sound and posture. Balance difficulties can be due to impaired eyesight.

What can be done to correct issues with eyesight? Research reveals that the underlying reason for vision difficulties is inflammation. It follows that getting inflammation under control is the key to achieving an improvement in eyesight which in turn can improve balance and reduces the risk of falls.

This interview with Jennifer Jones, a representative of Innovative Vision Products, addresses research by Dr. Mark Babizhayev PhD which resulted in the development of the groundbreaking natural cataract eye drop product called Can-C.  An overview and background of this ground breaking research is discussed, followed by a detailed explanation of the use, application and research that supports the application of Can-C eye drops to reduce inflammation in the eyes and help clear cataracts for 90% of users as found by the research studies.

For more information about Can-C eye drops  therapy for eye conditions and to order them visit: https://www.cataracts.parkinsonsrecovery.com

PEMF – Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency Therapy for Parkinson’s

Natural Pharmcist Ross Pelton discusses the impressive body of research which has focused on PEMF therapies to address a variety of symptoms associated with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. Ross offers an overview of the over 10,000 articles and 2,000 clinical trials have been published on PEMF. PEFM medical devices are used daily in over 4,000 European hospitals & clinics but have not yet been accepted as a standard therapy in most US medical settings.

Health benefits of PEMFs are extensive. It results in improved circulation in the body’s 70,000 miles of micro-capillaries. PEMF:

  1. Penetrates the body.
  2. Causes microcapillaries to contract or pulsate at a faster rate.
  3. Delivers more blood supply, oxygen & nutrients to all cells via the 70,000 miles of micro-capillaries in the body.

Virtually everything in the body begins to function better when cells get more oxygen & nutrients….and improved removal of cellular wastes.

For more information about recommended PEMF devices contact Ross Pelton:  ross@naturalpharmacist.net

Folk Medicine for Parkinson’s

Barbara Frank is a Holistic Practitioner, Internationally Certified Lymphologist, author of a Nobel Nominated book How To Take 10 Years Off Your Face and Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally, who uses Folk Medicine as well as purified herbs and natural modalities to help those who want to use her expertise. She started 40 years ago and does telephone consultations for people all over the world and has had an enormous success rate. She grew up with her mother, grandfather and grandmother who practiced Folk Medicine and incorporates a lot of what she’s learned over the years and designs protocols for people based on their symptoms and complaints. This is Folk Medicine at it’s finest. For a full bio go to barbarafrank222.com

Book Newly Updated: Take 10 Years Off Your Face Without Surgery and Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally! · Ancient Health & Wellness · Online Store Powered by Storenvy

Barbara Frank, world renowned Folk Medicine Practitioner and Internationally Certified Lymphologist, whose unorthodox approach to Biblical medical teachings from the bible uses those ancient teachings to change people’s lives so they can get to the state of body that they should be in.


Is Your Diagnosis Wrong?

Sharry Edwards is providing access of her originating protocols to the populace in order to support the opportunity for Self-health. With that mission in mind, Edwards has created an online, public WorkStation that offers access to thousands of frequency-based biological biomarkers that can provide self-evaluation and create computerized Management Reports at the touch of a few buttons.

This month she is offering Parkinson’s sufferers two valuable evaluations:

1. The opportunity to BioAcoustically determine the root cause of deteriorating muscles and tremors

2. To separate the many health issues that have been erroneously diagnosed as Parkinson’s.


Watch a 30 minute video which includes four persons talking about bioacoustics. One had neurological symptpms.


New X-Plus Light Therapy from Vielight

Click the arrow below to hear an interview with Vielight’s CEO and inventor Dr. Lew Lim who discusses his new X-Plus photobiomodulation device invention.

I want to make sure everyone knows about its availability in light of success with the previous Vielight  Neuro Gamma device. First, I will offer a brief report on user’s experience with using the Neuro Gamma device which is why I am excited about Dr. Lim’s new invention – the X-Plus.

Neuro Gamma Device

Over seventy (70) members of my Parkinsons Recovery audience purchased and used
the Vielight Neuro Gamma device over the past year. The exciting news for me has been that it was one of the most frequently mentioned therapies reported to be helpful in responses to my 2018 Holiday Survey.

Vielight representatives tell me that only 1 out of 10 units were returned for an 80% refund. Nine out of ten users found the device to be beneficial. My conclusion: The Neuro Gamma has helped most – but not all users. Odds of success are clearly in your favor.


The new X-Plus Vielight device can be used in conjunction with the Neuro Gamma to irradiate the posterior brain with light. If you are already getting good results with using the Vielight Neuro Gamma device.  consider using the X-Plus along with the Neuro Gamma. It just might provide a welcome boast to symptom relief.

The X-Plus can also be used  as an independent device. The great news of the day is that the cost of the new X-Plus device is half the cost of the Neuro Gamma. It is listed as $749. The company has again agreed to offer members of Parkinsons Recovery a 10% discount  on the X-Plus (as they did for the Neuro Gamma). To claim the discount enter the coupon code healing4me on the shopping cart. If you call in your order, simply tell the representative you are with Parkinsons Recovery.

I have no hesitation encouraging as many of you as possible to try the new X-Plus Device out. How come?

First, the Neuro Gamma has been a success. I am betting the X-Plus will follow suit. Dr. Lim is an amazing inventor.

Second, the company offers an 80% refund for any unit that is returned within six months of use. This gives you time to see if the therapy will prove helpful. The financial risk of trying it out is minimal since you are assured of getting 80% of your investment back.

More information about the new X-Plus Light Therapy device can be found on the Vielight website:

Vielight Inc – Wearable Photobiomodulation Technology


Critical Role of Good Hydration for Successful Recovery

Since everyone depends on water for our very survival, it makes perfect sense that dehydration can inevitably result in problematic symptoms. Jaroslav Boublik PhD answers a wide variety of questions about the effects of dehydration on your health and what you can do about it. Dr. Boublik’s area of research centers around the effects of dehydration and is a co-developer of the Aquas  https://www.aquas4life.com

Here is a short list of the questions he answers:

  • Isn’t it possible to get better hydrated by simply drinking more water?
  • Why does the body become more dehydrated as we age?
  • Why is hydration so essential to a detox program?
  • How does taking the following foods help or hinder hydration: salt, energy drinks, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.
  • How can a person know whether they are dehydrated?
  • What are the issues with the sources of drinking water?
  • What are the issues with structured water products?
  • Can good hydration …
  1. Address the symptoms of diseases?
  2. Improve mental clarity?
  3. Improve digestion?
  4. Soften skin tissue and help us look younger?
  5. Help to control a person’s body weight?


John Coleman ND Answers Questions about Recovery

My research over the past decade documents the stories of recovery of many individuals who have been successful in reversing some if not all of their Parkinson’s symptoms. More than 70 replays of interviews with these pioneers of recovery are available as replays here on the Parkinsons Recovery member radio show page. One early story of recovery was reported by John Coleman who was one of the first persons to successfully reverse his Parkinson’s symptoms during the mid 1990s. .

Given his own experience with recovery. Dr. Coleman is in the ideal position to help others traveling down the road to recovery. During this program he discusses and responds to the following questions:

  • What was most helpful to you in your own recovery process?
  • My wife has been anemic just after experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms. Her iron levels are too low. What steps should she take to remedy this situation?
  • Can I give my mother B12 vitamins for her condition?
  • How does one deal with orthostatic hypotension (or low blood pressure)?
  • I have tried many therapies over the past five years but the Parkinson’s symptoms continue to progress.  What supplements have you found that help the most?
  • How can I get the best movement possible with the least amount of medications?
  • What will carbidopa help and what will it not help?